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A mortgage telemarketing list contains information on individuals with credit history, providing your business with many potential sales leads. In recent times, the use of this list has increased, especially during the post Sept 2001 period where interest rates were at its lowest. To understand the popularity of the it as a marketing instrument, it is important for us to examine its benefits. We provide you with 3 effective ways to use a mortgage telemarketing list.For one, a mortgage telemarketing list allows exposure to a greater potential client base. With vital information such as contact numbers, terms of loan and interest rates, financial companies would be in a better position to promote their financial products in accordance to the needs of their sales leads. For example, this could take the form of a refinancing package at lower interest rates. Statistics have shown that in general people are more inclined to take up loans when approached via the telephone, as opposed to stumbling onto similar loans via the internet. This could be due to the very fact that queries on loans via the telephone tend to be answered faster as compared to those over the internet. This in turn further underlines the effectiveness with which a such list generates sales.Likewise, a mortgage telemarketing list would provide similar opportunities to individuals outside the financial business. Business owners in the field of insurance for instance, would be able to make use of information within a mortgage list to assess the market demand for various home insurance products. New products would be created in this process while existing ones will be refined to suit the needs of the market. Agents would then be able to make use of telemarketing methods to promote the home insurance product that best suit the demands of the market. In short, a mortgage telemarketing list would allow these companies to tailor their products to suit the needs of the market better as they expand their scope of sales leads.Last of all, a mortgage telemarketing list can be used by government agencies or private research institutions in the field of data collection and surveys. While meant as a marketing tool, a mortgage list can be used to collect information and feedback regarding various issues pertaining to mortgage loans. This would include the level of interest rate and duration of the loan. In turn, this would allow government agencies to have a clearer view on the effects of key economic indicators.Clearly, there are many ways how you can use a mortgage telemarketing list effectively. In any case, the three methods listed above in this article are by no means exhaustive. What is most important is the ability to creatively make use of the information provided in a mortgage telemarketing list to your advantage. Also, it is important to acquire such a list from a reputable listing company that provides constant updates to its informational database. This would ensure the relevance of your list over time.

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Anyone who reads the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) would probably make a very interesting discovery – many of the pone calls they receive from telemarketers are actually illegal. There are quite a few rules by which telemarketing firms must abide, or else they could be severely penalized for their lack of discretion. However, if you don’t know what these regulations are, you’ll never know if the phone solicitors who call are within their rights to do so.Thus, it is because of people’s lack of knowledge concerning their own phone privacy rights that so many telemarketers are able to get away with breaking the law. Moreover, another problem is that many phone consumers don’t take the time to file an official complaint in an effort to stop illegal calls. Hence, not all telemarketing firms are concerned about violating the rules because they are not afraid they will be caught.Are there really that many telemarketing laws? Yes. If you were to look into the TCPA or find out about how the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNCR) works, you would discover…- Telemarketers who use autodialers (an automated system to dial phone number) are not permitted to phone you unless you have given them permission.
– Voice recorded telemarketing is prohibited unless phone consumers has given their authorization.
– It is against the law for a solicitor to phone before eight o’clock in the morning and after 9 o’clock at night.
– All companies must keep an internal do-not-call-list, and once you request to have your number added to this list (even if you have an existing business relationship with the company), they must adhere to your request and not contact you again.
– Telemarketers are to provide their name and the name of the company they are calling for directly after or during their initial greeting.These are only some of the laws that telemarketers must follow. Therefore, by knowing what is and is not allowed helps you to protect yourself, and can dramatically reduce the number of phone solicitations you receive. Furthermore, if you have reason to believe the sales calls you have been receiving are fraudulent, you can search a telemarketing number with a reverse phone lookup, or on a caller complaints site to find out more about the caller.

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When you come home from a hard, boring, or exhausting day of work, you are probably looking forward to spending your evening relaxing and unwinding doing an activity you enjoy. The last thing you will want to deal with is a telemarketing call, especially when these calls occur at 7, 8 and 9 o’clock at night. It may infuriate you to receive calls so late in the evening, but the reality is if there is no reason why the telemarketer is not allowed to call you, they are permitted to make the phone solicitation.Is there any time when a telemarketer is not allowed to phone me? Of course! Like all businesses, telemarketing firms have certain hours that they are allowed to call phone consumers. Unfortunately, unlike the standard 9 am – 5 pm business hours, telemarketers actually have a much larger calling window that runs from 8 am until 9 pm, a total of 13 hours. Thus, any calls made before 8 in the morning, or after 9 at night are considered illegal.Can you report an off hours telemarketing call? Yes. You can file a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), or Federal Trade Commission (FTC), or a public complaint with a caller complaints site, any time a telemarketing company breaks the law and violates your phone privacy rights.What can you do if after filing complaints the telemarketer continues to phone during the hours they are not suppose to call?- Don’t answer the phone – Screen your calls with caller ID, or let all of your phone calls go to voice mail or your answering machine after a certain hour. That way you can answer the calls you want and ignore the pesky telemarketer.- Shut the ringer off – If the calls are persistent, turn off the ringers on your phones, that way the ringing phone will not disturb you or your family. Make sure only to silence the ringer and not unplug the phone. The reason is you still want to receive calls, because although you want to stop telemarketers and annoying calls from getting through, you don’t want to stop important calls from reaching you.